Our clients

Flexibility is at the core of the Saki Partners business approach and we are happy to work with you the way you want. We are able to work on a project-to-project basis, as fixed term consultants or join your company and become ‘part of the family’ through a directorship or nominee role.

Our client base is diverse in terms of size and scope, although generally they can be divided into one of two categories – private and institutional.


We work with entrepreneurial clients across a wide spectrum of industries offering strategic advice aimed at growing their business to create real wealth for their owners.
We advise and support clients during pivotal transactions crucial to their business, including:
_ building value through asset acquisitions to create new cash flows
_ fuelling growth with the help of arranging, debt and equity funding
_ creating liquidity for shareholders through an exit, trade sale or listing


We help large organisations such as multi-national corporations, foreign governments and supranational agencies conduct transactions in emerging markets. By providing advice and commercial expertise around economic development we are able to assist with:
_ asset financing strategies, especially in higher sovereign risk environments
_ regulatory reform to support foreign investment strategies
_ strategy formulation for State-Owned-Enterprise considering asset acquisition and divesture

Our expertise is particularly strong in the mining and agricultural sectors and we are heavily experienced with working in high sovereign risk jurisdictions throughout Central and South Asia and the Middle East.